Chiropody - The Scientific Art of Foot care!

Chiropody also known as podiatry is a specialized branch of medicine which deals with foot care. It deals mainly about the infections to the foot and parts of leg. Chiropody has a very long history dating back even to several centuries. With modern health care facilities, Chiropody has developed itself in to a branch dedicated to solve the problems associated with legs, ankles and foot. With many chronic diseases beginning to affect the lower limbs of the body it has become necessary to create and spread awareness about foot care to all the people concerned.
Feet are the most vital part of the body helping us in transporting ourselves, helps in movement and form an integral part of human standing posture. Being the farthest point in the body, the feet, however fails to get the due attention which it needs. This has resulted in the undetected spread of several foot diseases such as foot pain, foot ulcers, high arch, and club foot in the list of numerous other diseases. With such a predicament a detection and therapy may even lead to amputation of feet and other grave losses. Thus chiropody has become an important part of the modern medicine and several specialized studies have been performed to study and revitalize the part of the body.
Chiropody now also known as podiatry in spite of certain differences is the stud of feet and a form of specialized medication to cure the diseases and pain of the foot and heel. Foot injury has grievous impact on the quality of life. Due to the complications of limb loss the economic and psychological impacts are immense. In most of the cases, people are no longer able to provide for themselves or for their families; they tend to become dependent on the care and materialistic support of others, and more often than not they are not able to maintain previous levels of social contact and movement. His or her movement is restricted and there is a terrible loss of confidence in ones own belief. Sometimes it capitulates itself into stress and trauma related diseases. With type 2 diabetes and other chronic ailments on the rise it has become doubly important to consult a chiropodist regularly even for small and minor symptoms. The chiropodist plays the role of a primary health care specialist in detection, prevention and in screening of the diseases. Specialists in Chiropodists are required to treat patients having complications due to diabetes and other chronic ailments.
Chiropody most of the times; if detected early enough does not require any surgical method of treatment. Chiropodists use number modern techniques such as Laser therapy and healing balms which in most cases are sufficient to cure the diseases. In the medical science of podiatry or chiropody, pains in the foot or irritations are the first and foremost sign of a possible foot conditions. The human foot consists of numerous components that are susceptible to be affected by a number of conditions such as the - skin, cartilage, nails, bones, joints and blood vessels. Some of the common conditions that may affect your foot include arthritis, diabetes, fungal nail infections or even fractures. Hence, in most of the cases it is always best to have a visit to your podiatrist or a chiropodist, the moment you have a feeling that your foot is feeling uncomfortable. Chiropodists tend to work with people of all ages but their role is particularly important in helping and serving older and aged people to stay mobile and moving fit and, therefore, independent in the face of the society.
Chiropody has been known to be practiced for several centuries. Ancient inscriptions have shown special doctors being appointed as care takers of the foot. The need and the importance of foot care has been recognized for even thousands of years, the ancient Egyptians were known to have placed high priority for this area. However in those days foot care was confined only to the higher echelons of the society. Common people seldom had chance for this facility. Great people such as Napoleon and Abraham Lincoln had specialists to look over their feet. Modern armies also had people working on the feet to aid their recovery in battle. For most of the people, especially the young, generally, a simple procedural routine of washing, drying and a correct nail care is more than enough to maintain a pair of healthy feet; but for others the advice and the scientific expertise of a trained chiropodist is necessary. However the phenomenal growth of the modern chiropody is confined to the past century especially the last few decades. Associations of practitioners were formed and specialized degrees and education are being given those who want to be chiropodists. In several countries Chiropody became a health related profession.
People have started to set up their own clinics with necessary licenses. This has lead to the spread of awareness among people about the need of this specialized field of medicine. Chiropodists provide solution to get rid off acute and chronic foot problems by using a variety of procedural steps including the use of minor surgical interventions. A general Podiatry clinic also provides a person with biomechanical assessments and treats for structural foot abnormalities with suitable methods. Some people get themselves trained as chiropodist surgeons having to deal with surgery for acute cases of feet and ankle diseases. They are the ones who have the necessary knowledge of feet and perform the necessary diagnosis to perform the operation.
Feet health has an immediate effect on ones quality of life. The health of the feet must never be ignored as plays an very important role in our body movements and if these problems are continually ignored or mistreated then it can even lead us to a very serious disease resulting in crippling due to loss of the limb. Such feet diseases such as infections and ulcers are not only associated to the feet alone but they also can have an impact on knees, legs and various other parts of the body. It might restrict and have an adverse impact on one's mobility.
Foot care is a very important issue. Undiagnosed and uncared foot complaints have a great possibility of leading to some very serious illnesses. Foot care needs to be prime agenda for people having diabetes and rheumatic arthritis. Chiropody can help you deal with the problems of feet, skin and nails and help you have a glowing foot. A few bucks spent on your foot care to your chiropodist can save you a lot for the future, nay even save the future for you.