Podiatry Explained

Special branches of podiatry- the science behind every strong leg!
Podiatry finds its application in various fields. A few of its specialty branches include sports medicine and forensic podiatry. Know what? Podiatry is used in crime scene investigations. Want to know more? Just read through!
Walking is an inevitable involuntary action of our legs. Imagine sitting in a wheel chair with a flight of stairs ahead. It would certainly make anybody feel bad not able to walk due to some injury or the other on your legs. Here’s where podiatry comes. Podiatry, otherwise called chiropody is a science that deals with the lower part of your leg including the ankle and the foot. Podiatrists provide treatment to injuries concerning foot and deformities of the foot by physical therapy. Some say chiropodist is the English equivalent pertaining to podiatrist. But, podiatrist is a person who possesses the skill of chiropody (science that deals with lower limb) and is registered under the UK Health Professional Counsel.  Podiatry doesn’t restrict itself to diagnosis and treatments. It also helps in investigations that involve foot prints or shoe prints.
Sports medicine
People who tend to indulge in sports that involve running are prone to get their lower legs injured. Sports podiatry deals with these kinds of analysis regarding foot, ankle, leg and knee injuries by altering lower limb function using a variety of methods, including insoles, footwear and exercises. All of these are done by a person who is referred to as a sports podiatrist. A sports podiatrist examines the way people walk or run to find out possibilities of mechanical illness behind the injury. Various deformities in the foot are given necessary treatments. Surgeries regarding foot are dealt with lasers if necessary. Back pain treatment, broken bones treatment and damaged ligaments therapy are some of the major specialties of a chiropodist, especially in London.
As it is very important for athletes to maintain their feet in a healthy condition, a sports podiatrist has a hand in prescribing what kind of footwear is to be worn and what kinds of exercises are to be performed for a particular pair of legs by studying them. They could also scrutinize an athlete’s posture and his moves to evaluate his stability thereby suggesting the stretching and training programs. Athletes who want to increase their performance and avoid unnecessary injuries due to posture effects generally employ sports podiatrists to monitor their routines and training sessions. A sports podiatrist helps athletes to maintain strong and healthy feet. A good sports podiatrist generally has immense knowledge about the current products put up on sale in the markets. He should be in touch with manufacturers of specialized products and stay up to date on the newly introduced products that might be of help to their patients.  
Podiatry deals with a lot of lower limb injuries including lower back pain, upper leg pain, knee pain, lower leg pain, ankle pain, foot pain and one sided leg pain. It has both surgical and nonsurgical approaches to deal with the above conditions. Sports podiatry has been developing very well due to the up in the need of fitness in the exponentially developing nations and there are a lot of people who are fitness freaks. Exercises, when performed without proper guidance can ruin your health and body. So, the advice of a chiropodist is always necessary for people who work out every day and most importantly for people pursuing sports as their career.   
Forensic podiatry
Forensic podiatry is rather an interesting development in the field of podiatry. We might have heard of finger print analysis and investigation of a crime by correlating the finger prints found in the scene of crime and the suspect’s finger prints in order to establish evidence. Now, the same thing can be done using foot prints thanks to forensic podiatry. The foot prints like the finger prints differ from person to person. And, they can be very leading evidence in the case of the flooring being made of dirt, tile, concrete and carpets.  It is important to note that it is possible to conceal fingers using gloves while it isn’t usually done to the feet. This gives away a lot of information regarding the investigation. But, proper care should be taken to assure that nobody else enters the place before the foot prints are extracted. This would only result in excess time taken to identify each foot print.
During a crime scene investigation, at first, it is made sure that the place of crime is secured from the public and that nobody unrelated to the crime enters the scene of crime. Of course, this is an uphill task. But, having given the above condition, it becomes very easy to proceed with podiatry. Then, the crime scene is recorded. This includes photography and to be in the safer side, video recording. Once the type of crime is identified, the most appropriate approach is selected to get into the details of investigation. The search for foot prints or shoe prints is carried out by a forensic podiatrist. The next step is to record those feet or shoe prints. If they are visible, photographic technique of recording is employed. The camera is placed perpendicular to the foot or shoe print using a tripod and the image of the foot or shoe print is captured. A scale is retained to determine the size of the impression accurately. The clear the picture, the better it is for podiatric study. In case the foot prints are not visible, oblique light technique is used. A strong white light is made to fall on the possible location of a foot print and it is checked for the presence of the impression thereby capturing and recording it using a camera. Floor boards may also be removed from the scene of investigation to enhance accuracy both appearance wise and also for chemical study. It can be bare foot evidence, socked foot evidence or a shoe impression. All these evidence are looked upon with interests nowadays with the progress in podiatry getting better day by day.
Thus, podiatry or chiropody has reached maximum heights in recent years. Chiropodists are beginning to increase in number. It has become a very important branch of study as in this modern world, who’s got the time to sit back and relax?